About Us

Dartington Arts School is an innovative learning community offering arts master’s programmes and short courses.

Many high profile and influential cultural figures have been drawn to work, study and perform at Dartington. Dartington Arts School draws on this rich international heritage and its extraordinary estate location to provide a dynamic and responsive context for contemporary study. Dartington is a distinctive learning community where students and tutors learn in dialogue with each other and with the place itself. We offer learning on a small, friendly scale with intensity and rigour. As a testbed for enacting new visions and models, Dartington has a uniquely values-driven vitality to offer to its learners.

The College is based in on the historic Dartington Hall Estate between Dartmoor National Park and the Jurassic Coast of South Devon.  The Dartington Experiment, as it was known, was founded in the 1920s by Dorothy and Leonard Elmhirst, who were passionate about progressive education, art and agriculture – a legacy which we continue today.

We are constantly striving to meet a target of carbon neutral.You can find out more about how we are expanding our use of renewables across the estate here.